At Greg’s Holistic Strength Training, we believe in a fully integrative approach to health and fitness. We start with a thorough assessment of each individual. Then, we design a complete nutrition, stretching, and exercise program to fit your needs. We also offer Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching both in person and via Skype. This coaching dives into the mental emotional elements of self that are often at the root of many health challenges. Finally, we are now offering Massage and Bodywork for those looking to relax, recover, and improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

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At GHS Training our philosophy is simple. We believe in seeing the body as a holistic structure. Our philosophy is based around the idea that nothing exists in isolation and everything is integrated and in communication with one another. No matter what aspirations you have, whether it is to lose weight, get out of pain, or simply get stronger, we take you through the necessary steps to set a solid working foundation. With an initial health and lifestyle questionnaire and a thorough physical assessment, we first identify any red flags that may be a challenge currently or may present itself as a challenge in the future. After this analysis, we go through a corrective phase to bring the body back into balance. Once we have set this working foundation, we can then begin to train.

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