What we do.


At GHS Training, we believe in a fully integrative approach to health and fitness.  Through a thorough assessment of each individual, we personalize a complete diet, stretching, and exercise program to fit the needs of each client.  In addition, we offer holistic lifestyle coaching in person and via skype.  This coaching dives into the mental and emotional elements of self that are often at the root of one's challenges.  By exploring different meditation, tai chi, art, and energy practices, we learn how to become more mindful, centered, and balanced.    



I believe that holistic strength training is an all inclusive approach toward getting stronger in and out of the weight room in a way that empowers each individual to go on a journey of self discovery.


Take Action

One of the most powerful steps in realizing one's true strength and purpose is to learn how to make choices that serve oneself.  From diet and lifestyle, to stretching and exercise, we lay out a step by step plan that allows you to take action and move in the direction of your goals.