About GHS Training

At GHS Training, we believe in seeing the body as a holistic structure.  Our philosophy is based around the idea that nothing exists in isolation and everything is integrated and in communication with one another.  No matter what aspirations you have, whether it is to lose weight, get out of pain, or simply get stronger, we take you through the necessary steps to set a solid working foundation.  With an initial health and lifestyle questionnaire and a thorough physical assessment, we first identify any red flags that may be a challenge currently or may present itself as a challenge in the future.  After this thorough analysis, we go through a corrective phase to bring the body back into balance.  Once we have set this working foundation, we can then begin to train.   


About Greg

Greg has been around athletics and conditioning his whole life.  Growing up in New Jersey, he was a competitive skier and soccer player.  At the age of 16, he then moved to South Carolina to pursue the game of golf exclusively.  This led him to earn a scholarship to play for the University of Houston.  After playing collegiate golf, Greg returned to South Carolina to play amateur golf and finish up his education.  

Early in 2011, Greg's swing coach brought him to Justin Price, a CHEK Practitioner in Mt. Pleasant, for an assessment and golf conditioning program.  It was an eye opening experience for him and was so intrigued by Justin's work that he began studying kinesiology, nutrition, and holistic health while still in school and competing in golf.  

After a couple of years, Greg decided to further his studies through the CHEK Institute.  He eventually moved to Mt. Pleasant to learn from his mentor Justin and build his own business; Greg's Holistic Strength Training.  

Greg has recently expanded his practice to include Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.  This coaching model explores the mental and emotional aspects of self that are often at the root of many health challenges we see today.  With an increased level of awareness, we implement different practices that bring more balance and harmony to both mind and body.  

In May of 2017, Greg moved back to Bergen County, New Jersey to build his practice in his hometown.  He is currently pursuing his massage therapy license and will be integrating manual therapy with each client as well.  During this time, Greg will be working out of two facilities in Ridgewood and Tenafly.